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This privacy policy is written for those who want to know about how their Personally identifiable information’ (PII) is being used online. This information is used to identify and locate any person where he/she belong and where he come from our website. we will use google analytics tools to monitor our traffic and monitor the quantity of users. Please read our privacy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect our user’s data.

Google Adsense

It’s an Advertisement Program by google. and it gives 68% Revenue of net Profit. Google show ads only it does not track individual data about you., for Example, your Email, Your name, and Physical location. If you want to know about Adsense Privacy policy then visit

How can we use your records?

We are not using any user record. and we do not have any records. this site is about Software Download. so user comes and downloads software with high speed from our server. All your data collect by Google Analytics. and we can see statistics on Google Analytics.

Do we use ‘cookies’?

Currently, we do not use cookies on this website. Blogger uses cookies as well Google analytics so we do not have any user personal record.

Third Party Disclosure

We used server to serve you a high-speed download.

Your acknowledgment of these terms

If you have any issue with our Privacy Policy then this website is not for you. You should agree with everything if you want to use our website.

Third party links

We Provide freeware software and trial versions which are hosted on server.

If there are any questions concerning this privacy policy you may touch us.

Contacting us:

If You have any Question about Privacy Policy You can Contact us.